Amaranth (Velvet Flower) is native to South America. The name Amaranthus comes from the Greek amarantos typifying immortality. Also called Love-Lies-Bleeding, Amaranth is one of the oldest grains in the world. It is a natural product to give emotions by its touch of velvet and its beautiful color, hence also called Velvet Flower. Amaranth was grown by Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas as their main food. They called it “the golden grain”. They believed it had supernatural powers and even healers used it for their ritual ceremonies. In ancient Greece, the Amaranth was supposed to have special healing properties.

Nowadays, Amaranth is used in healthy foods due to its amazing nutritional benefits, contains high protein content, well balanced amino acid profile with 8 essential amino acids: it is notably higher in protein than in other cereals and is naturally gluten-free. Since Velvet Flower is rich in amino acids, starch, sugars, vitamin C and B group, and minerals these actives improve the hair’s shine, strength and bring luminescence and comfort to the skin. Also, may impart a soft smooth feel to hair and skin, enhancing moisturization and gently refatting dry scalp. It improves manageability and conditioning in a wide range of hair care products. Velvet Flower has soothing, astringent and cleansing properties and used for all kinds for skin disorders.

There are many variations (technology) of Amaranth – like peptides that penetrate the hair fiber and increase thickness from the inside, great for fine hair, it increases diameter of individual fibers for fuller hair and provides reduction in hair friction. And may increase bounce and movement of hair, adds gloss, and shine for healthier looking hair.

Amaranth is used in stimulating shampoo and hair tonics to prevent fine and dull hair. Also used in conditioners, moisturizing body washes, cleansing face tonics for problematic skin and used in sport care, deodorants, baby care and foot care.

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