Athleisure personal care is experiencing a prominent trend marked by the fusion of beauty and personal care products with the principles of athleisure wear. Athleisure personal care is an emerging industry that combines athletic and non-athletic leisure activities. It is a popular category because it connects several broad trends, including a global movement toward consumers wearing more casual wear and seeking comfortable clothing. Additionally, it connects more health-conscious consumers engaging in outdoor athletic activities, which has risen the demand for performance clothing along with personal care.


What drives the athleisure personal care market?

The market for athleisure personal care products is driven by the merging of beauty and fitness lifestyles, and this trend has shifted into beauty.

Key drivers include:

  • Consumers’ active lifestyles
  • The demand for skincare and personal care products suitable for post-workout routines
  • The preference for products that support an active lifestyle

Moreover, this has led to creating skincare formulations that address the needs of active individuals, such as sweat-resistant or quick-recovery products that align with consumers’ wellness-focused lifestyles. The growing popularity of wellness is driving the athleisure personal care market as health awareness and self-consciousness among consumer increases. The desire to lead a healthy and active lifestyle to appear fit is resulting in an increased demand for athleisure products.

This trend caters to consumers by offering skincare, body and hair care, and beauty products designed to complement and enhance the experiences of fitness and wellness routines. The merging of beauty and wellness into athleisure personal care aligns with the growing demand for multi-functional, on-the-go products that tailor to consumers’ active lifestyles.


Market opportunities

The change in the mindset of consumers towards more practical solutions for everything, including personal care items, has resulted in the popularity of the athleisure market. Opportunity exists within the athleisure personal care market for the development of performance-enhancing products tailored for active lifestyles.

This can include creating innovative personal care items that offer functionalities like:

  • Sweat-resistant skincare
  • Haircare formulated for post-workout recovery
  • Beauty products with SPF and long-lasting wear designed for outdoor activities
  • Body care targeting odor and sweat control

Consumers are willing to pay more for products with better features such as temperature, moisture, and odor control, as well as product enhancing features to prevent injury and discomfort. Developing performance-driven personal care products for targeted solutions that enhance and support consumers’ active lifestyles presents a niche opportunity within the athleisure personal care segment.


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