Summer is officially here, and that means hair is going to get dirtier, faster. Dry shampoo becomes essential. And from a brand perspective, it’s a fact that dry shampoo sells.

If a consumer finds a formula that works, it becomes uniquely personal and they will evangelize it to anyone that will listen – in ratings and reviews or IRL.
But beyond oil absorption and style refreshing, how else can these types of formulas be interpreted?
I think about these things all the time, and when I read an article in New Beauty about women getting ‘Blowtox’ my mind went into overdrive.  Women are actually getting Botox injections into their scalp and the nape of their neck to eliminate sweating and humidity so their blowouts last longer.

“Sweat seems to be enemy number-one when money is no object. Franklin, TN dermatologist Jill C. Fichtel, MD says targeting “all sweaty areas every six months” is at the top of the to-do list, and Nanuet, NY dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, MD has her sights set on “Blowtox.” “I already ‘tox the back of my neck every five months—the bottom of my hair curls and frizzes as sweat travels there—but, ideally, I would treat my entire scalp every three months ($1,500).”
– New Beauty, Dec. 2019

Much to my mother’s dismay, I’m not a plastic surgeon – but I am a product developer. Inspired by the ‘Blowtox’ trend, I introduce you to Voyant’s proactive Blowtox Nape of the Neck Cream and Blowtox Dry Shampoo Powder innovation formulations.

  • Dry shampoos continue to be top sellers for brands, with 44% of consumers reporting using them at least a few times per week
  • A focus on hair health will lead consumers to increasingly rely on substitutes for regular shampoo as a way to prolong washing, positioning dry shampoos for continued growth
  • Services like Botox expected to continue to grow by 8.5% through 2025, with the primary concentration of used (95%) in the US

Introducing our dynamic duo to keep sweat at bay, and your blowout extended. The Blowtox Nape of the Neck Cream wicks up sweat and cools the nape of the neck to help prevent texture reversion where it usually happens first. The next-generation Blowtox Dry Shampoo Powder formula does the same on the scalp, while also refreshing hair without dulling color.

Our Blowtox Nape of the Neck Cream combines the power Terasorb from Actera – a next generation powder tech shown to bind to sweat faster and more efficiently than Arrowroot or Tapioca Starches – with Schercemol CATC Ester from Lubrizol that offers superior sweat resistance. Want to really push it? Make it an OTC by adding anti-perspirant actives. (Yes, we do OTC developments too!)
The Blowtox Dry Shampoo Powder leverages Cica Extract to sooth,  as well as Advantage Revive from Ashland– shown to actually enhance haircolor while absorbing oil and refreshing styles, instead of dulling as other non-aerosol powders do. The results on red hair speak for themselves.

Have a good weekend, and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer

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