For years, cosmetic companies have been formulating their products for a few major skincare groups. It is finally becoming more obvious that our environment isn’t the only thing determining the needs of our skincare. Genetics have a lot of weight in the nature of our skin. That’s why DNA skincare is starting to make a name for itself.

DNA testing technology can tell you what areas to target in your skincare routine based on your genetics. This process is still in its infancy, but some companies are starting to pick up on it already. Skincare companies that offer this kind of testing range from basic to very thorough (and sometimes pricey) analysis to determine what products are best for keeping your skin healthy.

Certain skin conditions may run in your family, and DNA skincare testing can detect certain things about your skin that you don’t even know. This testing also allows for much more personalized products.

Your genetics are a very good indicator of how your skin will age. DNA testing gives specialists a little sneak peek into the future. And as we all know, preventative action always works better than trying to reverse something that has already affected your skin. So, knowing ahead of time how your skin will change can prevent some of the damage that could occur.

While this kind of testing is still in its early stages, it is starting to really make a name for itself in the skincare industry. Are you curious enough to try out DNA skincare for yourself?

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