Whether it’s stress, a newborn baby, a partner who snores like a Mack truck, or a neighbor who’d rather rage all night, sleep can suffer. White noise might keep you in slumber, but did you know that there are actually multiple colors of noise? And white noise might not be the best for you. For example, Pink noise involves deeper sound that’s lower, less “bright,” and more balanced than white noise — like white noise with the bass amped up – and can be more effective.

Taking this as inspiration, we took a look at the world of overnight facial products. Why use ‘one note’, just one ingredient for one result, if you could add more efficacious ingredients for a balanced, robust experience – like the pink noise of overnight treatments, with well rounded results.

We also looked to the world of ingestibles, and from personal experience, have found sleepness nights solved with Valerian Root. Smells terrible, but performs amazingly.

Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer Valerian Root image

Enter Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer (Formula #36655-00).

Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer <h2>the why</h2>

  • The sleep category continues to heat up, seeing more innovation via new sheet fabric technology, mattress materials, and homeopathic sleep remedies like CBD
  • 68% of Americans struggle to fall asleep and/or struggle to stay asleep, which can have dire consequences on skin condition
  • ~70% of the population consider themselves to possess the characteristics of sensitive skin, with about 50% of these patients demonstrating uncomfortable symptoms

Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer <h2>the what</h2>

This is why Voyant has conceived and created a next-generation overnight treatment, inspired by rethinking what works and replacing with something even better! Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer is here. Refines, smooths, plumps, protects, reduces scars, soothes, and brightens while you sleep – all with no irritation.

Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer <h2>the how</h2>

Our powerhouse crème was built to do it all, using the latest green technology to do it effectively with an elevated, luxurious experience. How? See below.

Brightening/Smoothing/Acne Scars/Blackheads: A unique lamellar matrix loaded with AHA’s forms a second skin layer, diffusing the actives into the skin over time. Think of it as a micro-hydrogel mask. Results are impressive – after two weeks smoothness increases 20%, brightness 31%, acne scars 8%, hyperpigmentation 11%, and blackheads reduced by 41% with significantly less irritation that traditional AHA’s.

Overnight Valerian Root Skin Transformer images of skin inflammation

Hyperpigmentation/Antioxidant: A dynamic duo of Stabilized Vitamin C and the amino acid Ergothioneine inhibit skin oxidation while reducing the appearance of dark spots. Bonus – firmness or resilience is also improved.

Soothing: Valerian Root Extract soothes tired skin.

But efficacious ingredients are only as good as they can penetrate the skin, which is why we also included Isopentyldiol to improve penetration of these actives while helping to hydrate.

Reach out to your Voyant representative or email me at [email protected] if anything sparks an idea or if you’d like a sample.

Have a good weekend and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer


* Sources: Greatest 5/14/20, Mintel April 2019, Front Med March 2019


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