We at Voyant Beauty hope you, your loved ones, and your team are continuing to stay safe and healthy during this time.

I’m a music nerd, and if you’re like me, you might have found solace in Dua Lipa’s new disco infused album over the last few weeks as a sort of escape. If you have, you aren’t alone – she broke the records for most streamed album in a day (or first day) by a British female artist globally.

And it’s no surprise – fun fact, history has shown that a genre like disco tends to see spikes in popularity during and after times of political and socioeconomic strife. Disco songs by the Bee Gees and Sister Sledge got big in the wake of youth uprisings and conflicts of the 1960s. The sound also saw a resurgence after the financial downturn in 2008. “Don’t Start Now” has become Dua Lipa’s highest-charting song in the U.S. ever, and has continued to hold sway during the coronavirus pandemic.

But Dua isn’t repeating the same ‘disco’ formula of the Bee Gees and Sister Sledge – she’s tweaked and reinterpreted it with notes of EDM and Pop to make it new and her own.

Inspired by this reinterpretation – and Dua’s on-trend quarantine bleach job –this Formulation Friday we reinterpret proactive formulations from our extensive Fast Formulation library through the lens of what we are calling Q-BEAUTY (Quarantine Beauty).

work from home hacks and skipping showers = Q Beauty and Q Care

Skipping showers, WFH hacks, new bathroom rituals…all becoming the new normal. And we have the ideas and the formulas to help, including long-lasting performance to be able to skip a day of showering, quick hygiene fixes, sanitizing solutions for hot tools and brushes, roots and at home bleach care, blue light protection, and more. Click here to see the full presentation: Q-Beauty

Reach out to your Voyant representative or email me at [email protected] if anything sparks an idea or if you’d like a sample.

Have a good weekend and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer

* W Magazine 5/11/20

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