Companies within the beauty industry are improving brand image and reducing costs by eliminating secondary packaging. Looking to better connect with consumers, cosmetics and personal care product companies are prioritizing eco-friendly options to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials. As consumers of cosmetics and personal beauty care products continue to become better educated about environmental issues, the demand for sustainability continues to rise.


Demand for sustainability

Companies have responded to these demands – sustainable and efficient shipping practices are essential to a brand’s sustainability practices. Equally important are sustainable and minimal packaging. This has been achieved through several ways ranging from reformulating existing products with ethically sourced ingredients, incorporating natural preservatives, and reducing or eliminating waste from unnecessary packaging.

The main benefit of eliminating secondary packaging is a reduction in disposable waste that ends up in landfills. Outer boxes and inserts are typically discarded by the consumer, and most times this packaging does not qualify for recycling. Removing unnecessary packaging saves the environment and demonstrates a brand’s strong interest in valuing and holding itself accountable towards sustainability efforts.


Effects on primary packaging

Changing out primary packaging for recyclable materials along with the removal of secondary packaging is great, and implementing this undoubtedly comes with benefits for the environment. However, it is important to make sure you have strong primary packaging that can replace the functions of the secondary packaging. For instance, the primary packaging should be shatterproof, have all product information on it, as well as tamper-proof options to ensure product safety. Also, when removing secondary packaging, the primary component can be impacted by light, air and temperature – this can be easily resolved by selecting proper packaging, like opaque components.


Cost savings

Another benefit to removing unnecessary packaging materials is cost savings – which can be passed on to the consumer. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also improves brand image. Having primary product visibility on retail shelves sells better because the consumers want to see what they are paying for before purchasing.

Eliminating secondary packaging may not be a viable option for all companies, but choosing sustainable packaging is. For the cosmetic and personal beauty care brands interested in improving their environmental sustainability, there are many options to go green and create an eco-friendly image while reducing cost and improving the environment.

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