Fermented beauty is on the rise this year, and we are so excited about it! There are so many benefits these products provide to our skin and our environment. How could anyone not love that?

The process of fermentation is quite simple when you break it down. It occurs when microorganisms break down the elements of a natural compound. There are many foods that are created using this process, so now it’s time for beauty products to follow suit.

A longer shelf life and higher concentration of ingredients, typically anti-aging ingredients, are some other major pluses of fermented products. The fermentation process creates more potent ingredients that last a lot longer than others. These benefits along with many others are the reason so many people are saying fermented beauty could be the biggest beauty trend of 2022.

These products are even easier for the skin to absorb due to their unique make-up. Many fermented products are formulated for anti-aging effects or to reduce the appearance of damage that has already occurred to the skin. They also provide benefits to the skin’s microbiome, keeping it healthy and glowy.

Because these products are naturally occurring, they are also great for the planet. Products loaded with chemicals are much less sustainable. Knowing that, we are hoping this booming trend becomes a standard in many people’s everyday skincare routines.

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