We are seeing more and more functional fragrances trending and it’s showing no signs of slowing. What are functional fragrances, it’s a new wave of perfumes that come with additional benefits. This new generation of perfumes has emerged – grouped as “wellness fragrances” aiming to change your mood, at a more scientific or energetic level plus smelling wonderful. The Wellness/wellbeing category is growing, with supplements being a large portion in this category and the results take time, though for immediate results to alter one’s mood functional fragrances work instantly.

How do you get immediate benefits? Your sense of smell, your olfactory system, is one of the fastest ways to impact our cognitive and emotional state. The fragrance works let’s say like a supplement, alerting and activating different areas of the brain (without compromising on how good it smells) that respond to certain senses.For instances certain families of scents make different parts of the brain react – woody scents tend to be very calming and citrus scents tend to stimulate a different part of the brain which acts as form of invigoration. Functional fragrances are fragrances that deliver aromatherapy benefits, conjuring up specific moods and emotions with added healing properties to uplift, energize or calm, all to enhance our moods and wellbeing plus you will smell incredible too.

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