In the current state of environmental concern, cosmetic consumers are becoming more interested in the process of how products are made and less interested in the actual product itself. They want green, clean, sustainable products.

If the ingredients in the product aren’t natural, they don’t want it. If the process of manufacturing the product is harmful for the environment, they don’t want it. So how are cosmetic companies achieving this “green” status?

Renewable resources that do not need pesticides to grow are great alternatives to ingredients that cause harm to the ecosystem. Some natural cosmetic ingredients include Tea Tree Oil, Black Tea, and Avocado.

These ingredients are not only kind to the Earth but kind to your skin and hair as well. They are less likely to cause any adverse reactions than the harsh alternatives that are not sustainable.

Given all these facts, it is very likely that most beauty manufacturers will be shifting to this “green” mindset to attract customers and save the planet.

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