Beets might not be your favorite vegetable, but some of this information might change your mind.

Whether it is ingested orally or used topically, you will reap the benefits! This nitrate loaded vegetable has the ability to increase your blood flow, reduce your blood pressure, and even improve your athletic performance.

Alongside these health benefits, this vibrant veggie’s extract works as a natural mosturizer when applied to the skin. Beet root extract is rich in vitamins and minerals that keep your skin smooth and glowy. It can protect the skin from signs of aging, treat acne and eczema, and even fade hyperpigmentation.

Beets can be enjoyed roasted, steamed, pickled, or boiled. Some people even eat them raw. But if you still don’t like the taste too much, try using skincare products that incorporate beet root extract in their formulas.

This colorful vegetable will be beneficial to your overall health and skin no matter how you use it.

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