Flowers and botanical ingredients have been around for a while, and their potent powers are still used today to solve countless skincare issues. The blue tansy is a hero essential oil found in many products from soothing masks to overnight oils. It is known for soothing stressed skin and reducing inflammation.

Originally a wild-harvested Mediterranean plant, blue tansy (which is yellow in color) is now mainly cultivated in Morocco. When the flower’s popularity in beauty products surged, it was almost harvested out of existence. Today, supplies are steadily increasing, and it is one of the more expensive essential oils.

The tansy is genetically very similar to chamomile and shares much of its sister-plant calming qualities.


How blue tansy is made

The above-ground flower and stems of the blue tansy are gathered. It starts out as a golden yellow flower, but the presence of the antioxidant chamazulene turns it into a rich indigo hue during the distillation process. It is during the distillation process, when heated, that one of the chemical components of the oil, chamazulene, is released. This gives the oil its indigo-to-cerulean hue.


Benefits of blue tansy
  • Calming effects – helps heal irritated skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the main components of blue tansy oil
    • Sabinene is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.
    • Camphor, another key component in blue tansy oil, has shown to reduce inflammation in the body.
    • Chamazulene, the chemical that brings out the blue color in the oil, is also an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Skin-healing effects – the camphor concentration in blue tansy oil helps to repair damaged skin.
  • Antihistamine properties – blue tansy has been used as an antihistamine to reduce nasal congestion. Aromatherapists recommend using a few drops in bowl of very hot water to create an infused steam.


Blue tansy oil is a popular ingredient seen in a wide variety of products, ranging from acne creams to anti-aging solutions. The oil has a sweet, floral fragrance and creates an uplifting environment. It offers skin-cleansing, soothing properties and helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. Overall, it is a highly valuable and worthwhile addition to anyone’s self-care and skincare routines.

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