Chamomile is super tasty when it is put in tea, but it is even better when you put it in your hair! This herb has the ability to curb hair loss, reduce dandruff, and so much more.

This ingredient is an amazing natural alternative to those crazy chemicals found in so many hair products. Its anti-septic properties keep your hair free of excess oils and dirt. This can help clear the follicles and promote hair growth. The yellow pigment in the flowers of this plant also create a natural lightening agent for the hair.

Another reason we love the antioxidant properties of chamomile is because of how effective it is in treating dandruff. Reducing itching and irritation is a cinch for this herb. Just apply the oil right to the scalp to reap the benefits.

Another plus is that chamomile will make your hair smooth and shiny. It contains moisturizing agents that will reduce frizz and bring your hair back to life.

There are so many reasons chamomile is such an amazing ingredient. Just a few drops of oil a day can keep your scalp and hair in tip top shape!

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