The first thing that comes to mind when you hear charcoal probably isn’t skincare, but it actually has purifying agents that make it a wonderful ingredient in cosmetics.

Around 500 CE, people began using charcoal as a toothpaste because of its abrasiveness. Some toothpastes still contains charcoal today to both whiten teeth and promote healthy gums.

Over the past few years, charcoal has been gaining popularity in the beauty industry. Now, things like face washes, body washes, face masks, and other self-care items contain this clarifying ingredient.

This purifying element has the power to draw oil, dirt, and toxins out of your skin. It is commonly used in medicine to soak up poison that has entered the body. So just imagine how easily it can absorb bacteria and oil from your skin.

Whether you are treating acne or are just looking for a fresh glow to your skin, charcoal is a great natural ingredient to try out.

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