It is always great to counteract aging and skin and hair damage before they happen, and cinnamon leaf oil can do just that! This antioxidant rich oil can reduce the effects of free radicals and prevent your hair and skin from damage. Who wants wrinkles and damaged hair anyway?

Another major plus of this oil is that it can help treat and relieve dandruff. It works by reducing the inflammation that causes our scalps to dry up and flake. When applied to the scalp, this oil stimulates blood circulation which can strengthen your hair and make it overall healthier. This can also help to stimulate hair growth and prevent loss of hair.

As for the skin, applying cinnamon leaf oil can help treat acne, dry skin, and infections. It also leaves your skin with a healthy glow. Its anti-inflammatory property can also reduce minor aches and pains.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder cinnamon leaf oil is used in several skincare and haircare products to help keep your skin and hair at peak health. This spicy and sweet ingredient is making its way to the top of our favorites list!

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