Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is a weak acid (low pH, like citric acid) with strong antimicrobial properties. It benefits your skin and is also an EPA-registered disinfectant that works against COVID-19. In skin care products, hypochlorous acid is harsh on harmful bacteria, but gentle on skin – even sensitive skin.


How can Hypochlorous Acid benefit your skin?

It is recommended to use products with hypochlorous acid to fight common bacterial skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis because it disinfects your skin, reduces inflammation, and speeds up your skin’s natural healing processes. Hypochlorous acid is produced naturally by your skin, it is a natural-occurring molecule in the body created by your white blood cells to defend against infection and bacteria. It is nature’s disinfectant used to combat inflammation and speeds up the body’s natural healing process.

Hypochlorous acid can be found in facial cleansers, serums, creams, and sprays. In science, chemists discovered how to bottle up HOCI using a simple mixture of salt, water, and vinegar in order to produce hypochlorous acid. The result is a formula that replicates your skin’s natural ability to fight bacteria and heal. When added to your favorite skin and hair care products, it gives your face and scalp a boost of healing energy anytime you need it.

Not only does hypochlorous acid kill bacteria but also viruses and even fungus, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great treatment for a variety of skin challenges – from acne blemishes to sunburns. It fights the bacteria that cause clogged pores and acne and speeds up the healing process of acne to repair damage. It not only prevents future breakouts but eliminates any signs of past breakouts too. And better yet, it combats redness and inflammation associated with skin conditions; it calms puffy, itchy, or angry skin and gently cleanses to prevent future flare-ups. You can call hypochlorous acid the duct tape of skin care – there is almost nothing it cannot fix, even a bad sunburn.


How often can Hypochlorous Acid be used?

Since hypochlorous acid lives in our bodies, products formulated with HOCI are safe to use daily. You will not develop a resistance to it as you might with other prescription antibiotic, and it will not dry out your skin the way alcohol or benzoyl peroxide would.


Who should use Hypochlorous Acid?

If you have skin then you will benefit adding products with hypochlorous acid to your skin care regime – it will give your skin an extra boost of hypochlorous acid to combat common problems like acne and eczema. Or you can use it every day to keep your skin clean, clear, and hydrated.

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