Do you love cosmetic oils but find that they leave your hair and skin feeling greasy? If so, meadowfoam seed oil just might be the right product for you!

Meadowfoam seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the meadowfoam plant. It is an environmentally sustainable plant that grows beautiful, white flowers. It is a crop that is able to prosper without needing fertilizers of other toxic chemicals.

Because its chemical structure is similar to that of sebum, the natural oil your skin produces, it will not block pores or make your hair appear or feel greasy. Another benefit of using this oil for your hair is that it is resistant to oxidation. That means that if you color your hair, it will not break down the dye. Your hair will stay vibrant and keep its color much longer.

Out of all the different cosmetic oils you have to choose from, the moisture that meadowfoam seed oil provides along with its environmental benefits and more make it a top pick.

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