Mushroom extract is set to take center stage as the new trending ingredient for 2024. It is a natural ingredient that aligns with the growing consumer preference for clean and sustainable beauty products. Being rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals makes mushrooms natural and holistic solutions for promoting healthy skin and hair. Mushrooms are finding their place in a variety of products, sharing the benefits of moisturizing, antioxidant, revitalizing, soothing and firming properties. Here are mushrooms to take note on:

Turkey Tail Mushroom

This mushroom has a fan-like shape resembling a turkey’s tail. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, with quercetin known to reduce inflammation, it makes skin look less puffy, red, and irritated. Helps support skin health and boosts a natural glow.


Reishi Mushroom

Loaded with skincare benefits, from reducing redness to fending off fine lines and wrinkles. It fights free radicals and contains two of the most powerful antioxidants in the skin – ergothioneine and reduced glutathione – to prevent premature aging and free radical formation while enhancing sun protection. The polysaccharides in reishi mushroom provide humectant and hydrating benefits, as well as inhibit the melanin-producing enzyme tyrosinase. This helps in reducing skin pigmentation and discoloration. In China, this mushroom is called the “the mushroom of immortality.” For hair, Reishi mushrooms contain triterpenes and beta glucans, both of which play a role in overall hair health and growth.


Chaga Mushroom

Rich in antioxidants and great against signs of aging, redness, and external aggression. Research has concluded that it does have the potential to naturally boost hair growth.


Shitake Mushroom

Contains kojic acid used as skin lightener. In addition, it contains antioxidants and selenium which decrease irritation and calm inflammation. Also, a major source of vitamin D, all of which are essential for healthy hair.


Lions Mane Mushroom

Contains antioxidants that help protect the skin against free radical damage, and it contains compounds that can help improve the skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For hair, the lion’s mane mushroom promotes circulation. Better blood flow means more blood is coming to your hair follicles, which helps your hair grow and stay healthy.


Snow Mushroom

A super-humectant, it holds up to five hundred times its weight in water and boosts hydration to help enhance skin’s elasticity. Great for a repairing treatment for dry damaged hair.


Skincare formulas that incorporate mushrooms offer enhanced moisturizing, soothing and brightening effects while softening the appearance of skin damage and aging. Hair care formulas with mushrooms provide hydration, repairing damaged hair and possibly promoting hair growth.


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