Fall is here, and we know just how to celebrate this change in season – with pumpkin!

As this season approaches, just about everything becomes scented or flavored by this popular fall ingredient. Our favorite snacks release limited time pumpkin spice flavors, coffee shops all over the world start serving their pumpkin infused drinks, and soaps and candles adopt this spiced aroma.

This time of the year is a reminder to all that this big, orange squash is also an amazing skincare ingredient. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, pumpkins help soothe and protect skin. The zinc in this fruit’s seeds also has the ability to treat acne.

Glowing, smooth, and healthy skin can be achieved with a homemade mask, a store-bought scrub, or any other skincare concoction including this ingredient. All these pumpkin rich products will leave your skin feeling and smelling great!

And when autumn comes to a close, there is no need to retire the use of this fall fruit in your skincare routine. This ingredient will benefit your skin all year long!

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