Is your skin starting to feel dry as the winter months approach? Incorporating shea butter into your skin care routine can turn that dryness right into moisture.

The nuts on African shea trees produce this wonderful cosmetic ingredient. It has been used for ages to moisturize dry skin, treat rashes and sunburn, and much more. Applying this ingredient to the skin can also reduce inflammation due to its antioxidant and vitamin rich make up.

When you hear how nourishing this ingredient is, you might think it will make your skin oily. But the linoleic acid and oleic acid combination in shea butter will not leave your skin feeling oily at all. Along with that benefit, it can also reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Shea butter also promotes skin cell regeneration and boosts collagen leaving your skin feeling firm and smooth. Its subtly nutty scent makes it a great daily moisturizer too.

Adding shea butter to your daily routine can keep your skin hydrated all winter long!

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