In every way imaginable.

Innovation: Built into the very DNA of our business—how teams are structured, how supply chain is handled, and which products are brought to market—an innovative mindset and way of working guarantees next-level solutions, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve.


Unicorn Developments

Holistic approach to creating compelling product concepts

Real Time Innovation

Approaching innovation
as a constant conversation, not a twice a year meeting

Fast Formulation

Leveraging existing formulation work for speed to market success


Product Development Management

  • Oversee the product development process
  • Provide product development timeline management to ensure launch date completion
  • Manage internal formula testing to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Convey all product development communication between the customer and lab
  • Write product profiles for approved formulas

Research & Development

  • 75-member team dedicated to innovation
  • 40+ formulation chemists and technicians
  • Minimized iterations from ideation to launch
  • Stability testing, pilot, and scale-up program
  • Expedited commercialization of formulas

Approval / Testing Labs

  • Stability
  • Package compatibility
  • Standards
  • Specifications
  • Full pilot and scale-up programs


Plant Scaling/Tech Transfer

  • R&D and plant collaboration
  • Scale-up from lab to plant
  • Full technical procedures developed
  • Local process engineering expertise

Quality Assurance

  • Raw materials analysis
  • 40+ Years of microbiology experience
  • Latest quality testing techniques
  • Product stability testing at multiple temperatures and humidity levels

Pilot Engineering

  • Formula scale-up
  • Manufacturing directives
  • Line trials
  • PR sampling


  • Formula control
  • Compliance review
  • Dossier preparation
  • Safety testing


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