Bill Smith

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Bill Smith, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, is a consumer products solution expert. For over three decades, he has been providing product supply solutions to the market’s unique and changing needs, with the last decade in contract manufacturing space. Having served in leadership roles in Engineering, Quality, Operations, Supply Chain, and R&D, he brings a unique and diverse perspective on how to dissect and solve business and product issues. He spent almost 10 years doing regulatory and financial recovery work for companies, serving in President and CEO roles during the recovery transitions and utilizing his team-building skills to create a succession plan for both the business and the organization. Over the course of his career, Bill has worked in domestic and international roles for Novartis, Aventis, Baxter, KIK, and Boehringer, from startup ventures to large blue-chip corporations.

His passion is to implement change and see an idea come to life in the hands of a consumer. As an Engineer by education, he has channeled his technical skills into his work and personal happy space. On his days away from work, you will find Bill on his farm, under a car, or casting a line into a local pond, all under the watchful eye of his wife, kids, and grandkids.
Like Bill, Voyant Beauty is a consumer products solution expert. By partnering with the amazing team at Voyant, Bill is helping create a new model for the Contract Solution space; a fast and flexible integrated platform, focused on meeting customer needs throughout their product lifecycle.

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Built into the very DNA of our business, innovation means continual investment in enhancing our processes and creating new formulas to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve.


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