Pat Richards 


Chief Human Resources Officer

Pat Richards joined Voyant Beauty in July 2022 as Vice President of Organizational Development (OD) and assumed the Chief Human Resources Officer role in January 2024. Before joining Voyant, Pat served ten years at the $4 billion Hearthside Food Solutions as Vice President of Organizational Development and Recruitment. Prior to that, Pat worked with and led HR teams at leading food companies, including Quaker Oats.

As a hands-on professional and strategic thinker, Pat has led OD projects from the executive suite to the plant floor. By combining a strategic mindset, tailored development programs, and grounded assessment tools, Pat has enabled organizations to identify and develop their leadership potential of human capital.

Her OD curricula and materials have become industry standards, used by leading companies and trade associations. As the managing partner of PPR Consulting, an OD consulting practice, Pat has also advised many leading food and CPG companies on OD programs, talent development, and employee engagement initiatives.

Pat is a noted speaker, trainer, coach, and educator. She has taught at Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies and has served as both an instructor and executive coach at Loyola’s Quinlan school of business.


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