Skincare is the new Color, and Body Care is fast becoming the new Skin Care. Further to this, we see a continued trend for more specialized treatments for both hands and feet as self-care and slow beauty establishes a new set of beauty ethos.

This continued care for the body means opportunities to rethink old classics, and growing up, I always remember the scary pumice stone in the corner of the bathtub. I didn’t know what it was for then, and TBH, I was ok not knowing.

But times have changed and whereas the old, reliable pumice stone removed rough patches in the ’90s, in 2020 we’ve reinterpreted it for a new generation of discerning consumers.

Introducing the Pumice Peel Heel Scrub 53476-00.

  • 83% of adults agree they would self-treat foot ailments first at home
  • “Health is emerging as a new facet of social status, and consumers are investing more into products and services that help them [become] healthier, better looking, more energized,“ says Kseniia Galenytska, senior analyst at Euromonitor. “Body care has a high chance to become as important as there is an increasingly holistic approach to beauty [that includes both one’s] lifestyle and physical form.”
  • Scrubs are also seeing growth in both the mass, prestige, and indie markets.

This luxe multi-exfoliation treatment for foot health gently exfoliates using delicate yet powerful dissolving Pumice and highly effective chemical exfoliating agents to gently yet effectively remove dead skin – leaving feet soft and comfortable. Showstopping texture of suspended dark Pumice in a cushiony crystal clear base feels premium skincare inspired and pampering.

A blend of powerful skincare-inspired Glycolic, Salicylic, Citric, and Lactic Acids chemically exfoliate feet, helping to release layers of dead skin. A luxurious blend of Pumice and Jojoba Esters physically sweep away tired skin, revealing soft, pampered heels and toes. Niacinamide helps to brighten the skin of the feet, evening skincolor for sandal-ready feet.

Have a good weekend, and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer

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