Beauty and mental health are closely related; physical appearance can affect one’s self-esteem, mood, and well-being. The beauty industry has always been focused on physical appearance, but as society now has a better understanding of wellness and mental health, the industry places greater focus on these areas.


Beauty Brands Prioritize Well-Being

We are seeing an emphasis on promoting holistic well-being, rather than physical looks. Beauty brands will start offering products/services that prioritize stress relief, sleep, and mindfulness, together with traditional skincare, body care and haircare offerings.

One brand leading in this area is Calm, a wellness and mental health focused beauty brand aimed at promoting relaxation and stress relief. Their product line includes bath bombs, candles, and sleep masks which are all developed to help unwind and get a good night’s rest.

Brands are incorporating elements of wellness and mindfulness into their products, like L’Oreal’s new line of hair care products called “EverPure” including a “Mindful Moments” collection that features calming scents and stress-relieving ingredients. There is also Neutrogena’s new “Nighttime Miracle” line with a sleep-promoting serum and a relaxing eye cream, designed to help get a better night’s rest. Regular sleep not only improves quality of life, but it is also essential for good health and clear skin.

These examples of brands showcase how the beauty industry is moving towards a more holistic manner to well-being. Consumers have become more educated about the importance of self-care and mental health and will be seeking products offering real, tangible benefits for their well-being. Expect to see even more beauty brands jumping on this trend with innovative solutions focusing on stress relief, sleep, and mindfulness.


Summarized from Beauty 2024 – The Year of Innovation, Sustainability, and Self-Care (

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