We all know that the health of our skin is super important. Something as simple as adding probiotic micellar water to your daily skin care routine has the ability to majorly improve your skin’s health.

Our skin’s microbiome is the term for the layer on our skin that is made up of trillions of kinds of bacteria. Prebiotic micellar water increases the growth of beneficial bacteria. It also decreases the growth of pathogenic bacteria on your skin’s surface. Balancing both the good and bad bacteria is key to a healthy microbiome, and micellar water can help!

No required rinsing makes this beloved cleansing option a handy post gym or after work cleanser. The hyaluronic acid in this product adds moisture to skin while also improving your skin’s natural microbial defense system. It is also a great makeup remover option for all skin types. It won’t irritate sensitive skin or your eyes like soap and other cleansing options can.

So start incorporating probiotic micellar water into your daily routine! It is a virtually effortless way to give your skin a healthy and hydrated glow.

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