Our ESG Commitment

At Voyant Beauty, our approach to corporate responsibility helps us manage risks and maximize the opportunities available to us in a changing world. We are committed to understanding, monitoring, and managing our social, environmental, and economic impact to enable us to contribute to society’s broader goal of sustainable development. Our commitment to ESG, which is communicated to all employees through our core values and corporate policies, is defined as:

  • Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner ​
  • Protecting the environment and the safety of people ​
  • Supporting human rights
  • Engaging, learning from, respecting, and supporting the communities and cultures within which we work ​

A Message from
our CEO

“From our beginning, Voyant Beauty has worked towards a single vision: to bring the future of beauty to life through innovation and an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction. And from where I sit, the future of beauty includes the planet and society’s needs.​

As a fully integrated innovation solutions provider, Voyant Beauty is uniquely positioned to incorporate our ESG promise into all facets of our business, further setting us apart within the marketplace. We strive to minimize our footprint on the environment, support local communities and labor markets, and offer an attractive place to work while never compromising quality. ​

I would like to thank our employees, brand partners, suppliers, and stakeholders for helping to power our pursuit of ESG excellence.”​

Richard McEvoy​
Chief Executive Officer​

Wind Point Partners Voyant Beauty David Stott

Recognizing ESG​
as a Priority​​

“I am proud to be associated with an organization that is doing its part to advance ESG as a set of imperatives on behalf of all its stakeholders. We at Wind Point are prioritizing these initiatives across our portfolio not only because it’s the right thing to do, it’s also good business. Voyant is a leading example of how to design, resource and execute an effective ESG program.”​

David Stott​
Managing Director​
Wind Point Partners​

A Leader in All Facets of the
Value Chain

“Our ambition at Voyant Beauty is to be a leader in all facets of the value chain. Our ESG stance is an important reflection of this, as we aim for our practices to be considered ‘investment grade’.”​

Steven Stanbrook​

Voyant Beauty Board Member

Voyant Beauty Steve Stanbrook


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