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I’ll never forget the first time my husband chose to get adventurous in his beginner skincare regimen and splashed his face with my The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toner feeling confident he was ready to graduate to chemical exfoliation, after never having done it before. Screams of burning and tingling coming from a grown man echoed throughout the apartment.

There’s no doubt chemical exfoliators work (as my husband can attest), and both consumers and brands are noticing. Usage has increased almost 5% by consumers over the last two years, and new launches from Moon Juice, Glow Recipe, Youth to the People, and Saturday Skin further support the growing adoption of this innovative skincare step.

But now acids are being leveraged from the face to the underarm…and surprise – they are working to prevent underarm odor from occurring.

Introducing Voyant’s proactive Underarm Brush-On Anti-Odorant (Formula 559-23) innovation formulation as the newest member of your consumers ‘pit crew’.


  • More and more consumers are becoming open to new forms and textures for underarm care, including masks and primers
  • 29% of women used exfoliator products to care for their face in 2019, and 25% used to peel or wash-off masks
  • Competitive activity has educated consumers on types of acids and each of the benefits, so consumers are aware of how acids work and that some can be gentle yet highly effective

Introducing our Underarm Brush-On Anti-Odorant that works by preventing odor, as opposed to masking it.

This jelly-textured formula is packed with a potent blend of 10% fruit-based AHA’s and 5% Willow Bark-based BHA that allow your customer to sweat, so the body can continue its natural course of regulating body temperature, while the blend of acids renders the underarm environment unlivable for odor-causing bacteria. Packaged in an ultra-convenient brush-on applicator package from our partners at Yonwoo/PKG for direct application with a similar gesture to applying deodorant.

The underarm usually has a pH of around 5.5-6.5, which is generally higher (less acidic) than other parts of your skin. pH determines the type of bacteria that thrive on your skin, so lowering the pH with an acid-rich formulation creates an environment where the odor-causing bacteria cannot live. Simply put: lowering the pH helps to decrease the odor-causing bacteria on your skin, helping to decrease the chance of odor happening the first place when sweating.

An added bonus? The naturally-derived 10% AHA Blend (including Sugar Glycolic, Tartaric, and Malic Acids, and Bilberry Lactic Acids) also reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and helps to prevent ingrown underarm hairs.

Reach out to your Voyant representative or email me at [email protected] if anything sparks an idea or if you’d like a sample.

Have a good weekend, and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer

* Sources: Mintel April 2019

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