Food gets wasted a lot. Around 1.3 billion tons of the food produced for consumption gets lost or wasted each year, so a lot might even be an understatement. Cosmetic and beauty companies are starting to upcycle these normally wasted ingredients and use them in their formulas.

Fruits and vegetables are among the most wasted foods in the world. And we all know that these foods make great cosmetic ingredients. Foods like avocados, pomegranates, beets, and oranges all provide your hair and skin with great benefits. Using products rich in these upcycled ingredients instead of other, not so sustainable options, can make a difference in the world and are better for our own self-care.

Repurposing food can help beat the waste that is affecting our planet so heavily. This trend is beneficial for our planet as well as our hair, skin, nails and everywhere in-between. Sustainability wins once again!

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