Beauty brands are starting to produce waterless beauty products! This can significantly reduce water consumption and allow for more powerful products. When water isn’t the main ingredient in a product, that leaves more room for it to be packed with other beneficial ingredients.

Because water is so inexpensive, it has been used as the main ingredient in beauty products for years. But with many places around the globe facing water supply depletion, it is becoming increasingly important to salvage this element. The bottles used to package water-free products can also be much smaller or even nonexistent. This can then help cut down on plastic waste too.

Waterless products are often more potent and powerful due to a higher concentration of active ingredients that aren’t diluted by water. This can cause the product to be more effective and more eco-friendly as well. Many of the big-name beauty brands have been working toward reducing their water consumption over the last few years. Their efforts, as well as the efforts of smaller brands who are already going mainly waterless, will have a very positive impact on our planet.

We are making a more sustainable choice every time we choose to use waterless beauty products. From less plastic waste to less water consumption, we have the ability to make an impactful change in the world. Let’s hope this trend sticks around long enough for all of us to see that change. With all the benefits H2O free products carry, we believe they will stick around for a long time.

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