Taking care of the planet and our environment continues to be the top priority for companies as they are committing to cleaner ingredients, being conscious of upcycling, circular economy, respectful use of resources, fair distribution of benefits, using 100% biodegradable products, and waterless formulations. Consumers are more eco-conscious and are more likely to follow brands that are sustainable, care for the environment and use cleaner ingredients in their products before trying.

Ingredients are constantly evolving in this green and clean space; we are seeing Adaptogens – herbs and roots like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Maca…, and Biomimetics – inspired by nature to create new ingredients, like phospholipids, peptides, and ceramides… that can mimic our own skin’s natural function and processes to achieve a specific goal, like to strengthen the skin barrier. And there is also, Biofermentation – fermented ingredients, which antioxidants increase in the process of fermentation providing an extra boost to your skin, like treating wrinkles and pigmentation more effectively. These are some of the ingredients developed using practices and processes to better the environment while producing powerful ingredients in a more sustainable way.

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