Many of us lead busy lives but still need time to relax and unwind. Going to the spa for a treatment is sometimes out of budget and takes too long. But thanks to the increasing popularity of sensorial beauty, an at home spa day can be just as rejuvenating as a spa session.

Sensorial beauty products stimulate more senses than a typical soap or lotion. Fragrance and texture of the products are some ways this can be achieved. Scrubs containing sugar to polish your skin create a sensation on the skin that other body soaps can’t.

Products with natural, strong scents can imitate products used at high end spas. They can also cause our moods to change and relieve stress.

There are also certain cosmetics that cause a cool, tingling sensation for firming at tightening skin or plumping lips. You can literally feel it working.

There are even sensorial products that rely on sight with obscurely shaped and textured packaging. Other sight driven products are brightly colored or patterned to appeal to the visual sense.

Sensorial beauty products are all about experience. And don’t we all want to be able to experience the spa at home?

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