Have you ever heard of skinimalism? Let’s break it down. Skin + minimalism = skinimalism!

As busy human beings, we are constantly looking for ways to do things faster and more efficiently. A lot of the things we like to cut down time on are those daily routine tasks like getting ready in the morning.

Cosmetic and beauty companies have figured this out and have begun creating products that do it all! These multi-purpose products are formulated to moisturize, reduce wrinkles, brighten skin, and so much more. Skinimalist products usually contain more than one active ingredient, but do not have the same effect that using multiple products with one ingredient in each will.

Mixing a bunch of products that do different things could even cause unwanted side effects. Some combinations can seriously irritate the skin. So, in terms of skincare products, less is more. Pick products that target the areas you want to address, instead of just using trendy products you see people using on the internet. Not all products that work for others will work for your skin type.

Keeping it simple can sometimes be the best option. Stick to products that are going to target the issues you want them to. Or find a product that can target multiple areas safely. Skinimalism can save you time and the hassle of irritated skin.

Overall, your skin will be much happier if you don’t overload it with products that you really don’t need. Remember – you can achieve healthy, glowing skin with very little – skinimalism!

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