Whether you prefer it or not, social media is constantly growing and making an impact on our society. Influencers are becoming more and more popular on apps like Instagram and TikTok, and the world is starting to trust these public figures. Their opinions drive many consumer decisions.

We are seeing an influx of influencers making a name for themselves on TikTok in the past couple of years. Social media makes it so easy for them to share their reviews of beauty products with a simple video.

As consumers, we want to see it to believe it. Social media videos allow us to see the effects of beauty products in action quickly and easily. When influencers give products a positive review, it usually makes us want to go buy these products and try them out ourselves.

The only downfall of this trend is that sometimes these products that go viral often sell out in a couple hours or even minutes after an influencer reviews them. This can be frustrating for the people who already used these products regularly because now they have a hard time getting their hands on them. But it is a great money maker for these beauty companies and the influencers themselves.

News travels fast, and it is traveling even faster as social media continues to gain popularity. Beauty companies may need to find better ways to plan for a product of theirs blowing up in popularity overnight. But going viral isn’t always something that can be planned for.

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