It’s Formulation Friday.

In today’s edition of Formulation Friday, we are tapping into what has become one of the mainstay rituals of the at-home self-care movement – a transformative soak in the tub. Growing concerns over health and the environment have increased consumer demand for eco-friendly bath products.

Bath time is for relaxing, rehydrating skin, and soothing sore muscles. Two of the most efficacious forms of bath products are Bath Powders and Bath Salts. How can we make this ritual even more delightful? A best in class innovation that can deliver both products simultaneously in the ultimate sustainable pack. Of course.

Voyant Beauty Bath Pod 002

Introducing Dissolving Dual Chamber Bath Pods

Voyant Beauty Bath Pod 001

Research tells us that consumers are using more bath products than ever because they are looking to recharge, de-stress, and improve their health. Setting aside “me time” is reinvigorating the category. As the soap, bath, and shower market steadily grows we anticipate a rise in multi-format, niche products in eco-friendly packaging.

Pods are water-soluble and biodegradable by nature. In fact, our sources predict that beauty companies will increase their utilization of pods significantly.


Dissolving Dual Chamber Bath Pods feature the benefits of Bath Powder and Bath Salt for the ultimate health and wellness ritual. The Bath Powder Pod features coconut milk powder which softens and hydrates the skin. The Bath Salt Pod soothes tired muscles and contains eucalyptus to relax the senses. Designed to be used together this dream duo treats the skin and relaxes the mind and body.

  • Dual-chamber pack holds the powder on the left and salts on the right.
  • Sustainable package dissolves on contact with water
  • Measured dose provides for optimal freshness
  • No water in the formulation means no preservatives so great for sensitive skin
  • Pre-measured dose for the right amount of product – No waste
  • Ingredients such as coconut powder and eucalyptus deliver soothing and hydrating comfort.

Have a good weekend, and stay well.

Lorne Lucree
Chief Innovation Officer

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