Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

Last updated June 07, 2023

Voyant understands the importance of purchased materials and services and how the right supplier partner makes the difference of meeting versus exceeding customer expectations. Having, partnering with, and valuing our Supplier Network is the foundational linkage that enables our vision to become reality. In order to foster the value of our Supplier Network we are committed to ensuring our Corporate Social Responsibility expectations are conveyed within our Supplier Network before, during, and after source selection.

Voyant’s Supply Chain and Sourcing policies establish our objectives and goals as they relate to our Supplier Network. It is our expectation that all suppliers comply with and/or have willingness to comply with Voyant’s Supplier Code of Conduct Policy. Additional information and policies are available on Voyant’s website (

To facilitate our expectation to comply, Voyant will expect all applicable suppliers to read, understand, and sign our Supplier Code of Conduct Policy. We will conduct annual Supplier engagements with all applicable suppliers to ensure their continued understanding and alignment of this policy. Further information, inquiries, notifications, and training resources are available for all Suppliers on the Voyant Beauty website.

  • Human Rights, People, Labor
    • Supplier agrees to comply with the applicable provisions of any federal, national, state or local law, including, but not limited to, those prohibiting employment of children, human trafficking, or forced labor and those prohibiting discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or physical or mental handicap and those providing for the employment of disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era, export control, anti-bribery, economic sanctions laws, EPA, OSHA, OFAC, and all hazardous materials transportation and hazardous communication standards for the safe labeling, handling and use of the Product.
    • Suppliers uphold and honor the freedom of association and the right of collective bargaining in accordance with applicable laws.
    • Suppliers shall comply with local, state, or federal minimum wages, working hours and ensure employee compensation that is fair and reasonable.
  • Environment, Health, Safety (EHS3)
    • Supplier agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to implement a policy of environmental responsibility concerning its products and processes, including where applicable, pollution prevention and waste reduction programs.
    • Suppliers shall: (i) comply with all applicable laws and regulations issued by federal, state and local authorities; (ii) actively promote and invest in safety and a safe work environment for its employees while being a good steward of the community (iii) promote and exercise sound business decisions and practices that are considerate of the environment and specifically target the continuous improvement of waste, water and energy reduction with the overall objective of lessening of their business’ environmental impact (iv) implement promptly any corrective action, including (without limitation) adhering to reasonable and significant elements of the environmental, safety and industrial hygiene program, (v) shall track and/or have an active project to track Scope 1, 2, and 3 level carbon foot printing when applicable, along with quantitative recording of all waste generation throughout its manufacturing footprint; and (vi) provide Buyer accurate information concerning ozone depleting chemicals used in its products or processes when required by any applicable regulations or laws; (vii) have awareness to, be considerate of, and if needed the ability to quantify and track biodiversity impacts within its manufacturing infrastructure; and (viii) understand the importance of and where possible make positive contributions to manufacturing processes, equipment, or product development to promote and improve; sustainable options for products sold, product use experience, and more environmentally conscience solutions for product end of life.
    • If applicable, Suppliers shall maintain a policy to ensure they do not supply products that contain conflict minerals directly or indirectly along with action and ensure due diligence for traceability and compliance.
    • If applicable, Supplier shall maintain a policy to ensure and/or actively pursue options of available to offer on the supply of palm oil (including palm kernel oil) that originates from a certified Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) source. Supplier shall action and ensures due diligence for traceability, chain of custody and compliance.
  • Governance, Confidentiality, Ethics
    • Supplier shall maintain policies that discredit and prohibit anti-bribery, corruption, conflict of interest, anti-trust, trade controls, and ensure ethical business standards and practices are used.
    • Supplier shall maintain policies within its own supply base that also discredits and prohibits anti-bribery, corruption, conflict of interest, anti-trust, trade controls, and ensure ethical business standards and practices are used.
    • Supplier shall maintain policy that defines and delegates the authority of commitments within their company and on behalf of their company.
    • Supplier shall understand the importance and actively promote through policy the concept of confidentiality, along with the creation and use of documentation standards that ensure proper record keeping and transparency.

Failure for any supplier to respond or provide such information as defined by the Supplier Expectations documentation shall result in a disqualification for further business expansion, retraction of current business, and/or elimination of all business.

Suppliers may acknowledge the principles and statements above or demonstrate commitment to understanding and compliance by having and displaying similar policies and procedures. Voyant reserves the right to conduct audits or assessments on all Suppliers to ensure compliance along with taking appropriate steps for corrective action or discontinuation of business should violations occur.

Suppliers and/or any employee of any Supplier may provide feedback, inquiries, and notifications to Voyant Beauty through the instructions and communication channel referenced within Voyant Beauty website.



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