Supplier Expectations

Supply Chain Ways of Working

Voyant Beauty understands the importance of purchased materials and how the right supplier partner makes the difference of meeting versus exceeding Customer expectations. Having, partnering with, and valuing our Supplier Network is the foundational linkage that enables our vision to become reality.

In order to facilitate clear and precise business to business expectations with our Suppliers the following Supplier Ways of Working and corresponding terms and conditions govern as the overall engagement criteria for any and all acquisitions of materials and services made by Voyant Beauty and its subsidiary companies unless agreed to in writing or defined in an executed contract.

  • Transaction Management.
    • Timely Confirmation of Purchase Orders.
      Supplier upon receipt has 5 calendar days to confirm the quantity, delivery date and price of any purchase order issued, changed, or canceled (via email or portal as appropriate).
    • Immediate Notification of Changes to Confirmation.
      Notification must be sent informing Voyant Beauty Material Planner on suspicion of delay to a confirmed order. Order changes less than 10 calendar days before an expected delivery date causes significant impact to our business. Supplier must provide 5 calendar day notice should a delivery change from the previously confirmed date.
  • Delivery Expectations.
    • Scheduling Pick-ups.
      Voyant Beauty carriers require 4 calendar days (96 hours) advanced notification in order to schedule an appointment. Suppliers are to clearly document & communicate with carriers on all material handling requirements in order to ensure materials maintain quality while transporting to Voyant Beauty.
    • On-Time Delivery.
      All normal orders are expected to arrive on confirmed date. Tolerance of up to 2 days early; Zero-day late is the maximum time shift we can withstand.
    • In-Full Delivery
      Complete delivery is required to match Voyant Beauty production batch sizes. Voyant Beauty can accept shipments with a tolerance of up to 5% over-shipment unless otherwise defined by contract or written agreement. Under-shipment are not an option without prior authorization. If adjustment is required due to MOQ’s, this must be part of Purchase Order Confirmation and the applicable Purchase Order must be revised to support. Confirmation without revision does not constitute appropriate action nor acceptance to the suggested change.
  • Material Expectations.
    • Ready-to-go at Receipt
      Materials and documentation must be complete, present, and support immediate production use. Inspection of carrier must be performed by supplier before releasing materials on Voyant Beauty PO’s. Organization, windings, packaging, wrapping must be appropriate for load in all weather. No frozen shipments, specifically chemical liquids are accepted regardless of reversibility claims.
    • Certificate of Analysis (C of A)
      All Direct Materials require appropriate C of A, reflecting actual representative testing. C of A can either be with the shipment or electronically sent. If electronically sent it must be easily identifiable or searchable within an e-mail or access through a supplier portal. Voyant Beauty methodology is acceptance and usage based on C of A for each material lot. C of A should be provided for each material lot that is shipped to Voyant Beauty.
    • Safety Data Sheet
      Supplier shall send a safety data sheet with all orders for any products that pose a potential health hazard if exposed.
    • Usable Shelf-life
      Supplier shall provide products to Voyant Beauty that have a useable remaining shelf life. Usable remaining shelf life is defined as 75% of the time delta between manufacturing and expiration dates. Exceptions require approval in writing by a Voyant Beauty Material Planner.
    • Quality-Across-the-Lot
      100% usable, quality compliant materials are required. Expectation is to minimize the number of lots sent. Voyant Beauty requires one lot for each order. Failure to adhere can result in inbound quality rejections.
    • Use Test- Form, Fit, and Function
      Materials purchased are expected to maintain form, fit, & function as intended for their purchased use. Ensuring craftsmanship to support the use of the products original purchase is the responsibility of the supplier. Product quality is expected to be maintained throughout the lot. Should products not pass the use test or product quality vary significantly throughout a lot, costs will be incurred by Voyant Beauty due to higher scrap rates, extra labor required to sort product, and downtime. These costs will be charged back to the supplier.
  • Service and Lead Time.
    • Service Level
      Supplier shall maintain service levels of 95% or better to Voyant Beauty. Service level performance shall be defined by on-time delivery, in-full quantity delivery, and free of quality defects.
    • Quality – made as per the Product specifications and without deviation or defect,
    • On-time Delivery – delivery to Voyant’s facility two (2) calendar days or less prior to or up to one (1) day (-2/+1) after the last confirmed Delivery Date,
    • In Full – delivery to Voyant’s facility at zero quantity under and no more than 5% over the purchase order quantity
    • Lead Time Importance
      Keeping Voyant Beauty aware of accurate lead times is critical to our business. By helping Voyant Beauty maintain accurate lead times we will be able to identify the suppliers who provide high levels of service.
    • Lead Times
      All lead times shall be in accordance with an applicable contract or supply agreement. If no contract should exist, then the most recently experienced lead time for the material would apply. Should the item have not been purchased in the past then the most recently quoted lead time will take effect.
    • Lead Time Notification Change
      Lead time notification must occur at least 30 calendar days prior to any implementation. Notification must be sent to appropriate
      Voyant Beauty individual defined in Lead Time Review & Approval.
    • Lead Time Review & Approval
      Lead time adjustments moved by +/- five business days must be reviewed & approved by Voyant Beauty Material Planner. Any lead time with a movement greater than five business days must be reviewed and approved by the Voyant Beauty Supply Chain person(s).
    • Lead Time Maintenance
      All lead time adjustment communications shall be administered through Voyant Beauty’s data transmission systems and formatted as selected by Voyant Beauty at its sole discretion. Semi-Annually Voyant Beauty has an emphasis on mass scale to review & update all existing items, it is expected supplier to participate in this initiative.
  • Pricing, Price Adjustments, and Communication.
    • Pricing
      All pricings shall be in accordance with an applicable contract. If no contract should exist, then the last price paid by Voyant Beauty will apply. Should the item have not been purchased in the past, then the most recently quoted price will take effect. All purchase orders must be confirmed at the correct price. Should a Supplier confirm a purchase order at different price, then it shall be the responsibility of the Supplier to receive a modified purchase order with the correct price. If a Supplier fulfills the purchase order by shipping the material and quantity requested, then such action shall be made with the understanding the last purchase order price is the agreed upon purchase price. It is absolutely suggested that a Supplier never ships material to Voyant Beauty unless such purchase order is correct in the agreed upon price.
    • Pricing Notification Change
      Price notification must occur at least 30 calendar days prior to any implementation. Notification must be sent to appropriate Voyant Beauty individual defined in Pricing Review & Approval.
    • Pricing Review & Approval
      Price adjustments must be reviewed and approved by Voyant’s Corporate Procurement Team prior to implementation.
    • Price Maintenance-
      All price adjustment communications shall be administered through Voyant Beauty’s data transmission systems and formatted as selected by Voyant Beauty’s at its sole discretion.
    • Secondary Packaging
      Supplier is responsible for shipping product in a commercially responsible manner to Voyant Beauty. Supplier is responsible for the costs of any associated packaging or handling costs in order to ship product to Voyant Beauty. Such costs must be built into the purchase price of the materials and separated line items on invoices are not acceptable. Examples of this would be drums, totes, pallets, boxes, banding, tapes, films, etc.
  • Quality.
    • Warranty
      Supplier warrants that all Products sold to Buyer shall comply in all respects with the Buyer’s defined specifications, all applicable laws and regulations, cGMP, and mutually agreed component quality requirements, and shall be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship. Delivery of any Product by Supplier to Buyer shall constitute a certification by Supplier that the Product conforms to the specifications and the foregoing requirements. Manufacturing and testing shall be performed as per applicable cGMP (including all regulations and guidelines hereunder).
    • Supplier Corrective Action Request
      Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) is required to be resolved within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of written notice from Buyer to Supplier. Supplier will provide a written corrective action plan to address Products non-conformity issues. If Supplier’s actions or product are determined to by noncompliant or negligent of the assumed purchased purpose, then such Supplier shall be liable for direct manufacturing and material costs incurred by Voyant Beauty. Voyant Beauty will be responsible for communicating recovery details and value with 10 calendar days of the event and/or as costs continue through the corrective action process until completed. Supplier will settle all claims submitted by Buyer in good faith within sixty (60) calendar days from submission or Buyer reserves the right to withhold payment for 100% of the claim amount until settlement is reached.
    • Product Substitutions-
      Product substitutions shall not be allowed. Supplier must ship the exact trade name of product from the exact manufacturing site (if applicable) as agreed to by Voyant Beauty or Voyant Beauty’s specifications.
    • Product material change
      Production material change shall not be allowed. Supplier must provide at least thirty (30) day notification in writing prior to shipping and immediately upon awareness. All material changes shall be reviewed and approved by Voyant Beauty prior to shipping. Any open purchase order shall be cancellable without penalty or cost to Voyant Beauty should a material change not be accepted by Voyant Beauty.
  • Performance and Failure to Perform.
    • Expectation to perform –
      Supplier performance shall be awarded and also held accountable (liable) for their demonstrated performance as defined by Voyant’s service expectations unless otherwise defined by contract, purchase order or as otherwise written. Supplier shall be held liable for their quality and warrants that all products sold to Buyer shall comply in all respects with the Buyer’s defined specifications, all applicable laws and regulations, cGMP, and mutually agreed component quality requirements, and shall be free from defects in design, material, workmanship and fit for their intended purpose.
    • Cost reimbursement
      Unless otherwise defined by contract or written agreement, Supplier acknowledges and agrees failure to perform and deliver quality products has cost implications to Voyant Beauty. These additional costs associated with the Supplier’s failure to deliver quality products on time, in-full and within the tolerances defined herein, shall be reimbursable to Voyant Beauty. The following kinds of costs or classifications will be reimbursed to Voyant Beauty; the product price, shipping costs, idled direct labor, direct labor expenses in excess of normal work week or day (i.e., overtime), required overhead to manage overtime direct labor, third party contractor expenses, and unscheduled production line change over, and any other costs arising due to Supplier’s failure. The following kinds of costs or classifications will not be reimbursable to Buyer: lost revenue, anticipated revenue, transferrable direct labor, and standard overhead.
  • Business Continuity.
    • Risk of Supply Notification
      When supplier becomes aware their business continuity will experience a disruption for any reason that may affect Voyant Beauty, supplier shall inform Voyant Beauty Category or Purchasing Manager within one calendar day.
    • Product Line Changes
      When supplier makes the decision to discontinue a product, supplier shall inform Voyant Beauty Procurement team and Quality at least three calendar days before any last purchases would be needed. Supplier shall fulfill all previously confirmed purchase orders. Should the supplier change any specification of an existing supplied material, notification must be sent to Voyant Beauty Quality within 3 calendar days of the change.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • Code of Conduct and Policies
      Supplier shall have an existing or actively be seeking the development to create a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that clearly defines the Suppliers business practices, community involvement, employee relations, human rights, safety & environmental practices, and partnership expectations to its supplier network. Such policy should be accompanied by a specific action plan to create accountability and transparency to the efforts and results the Supplier is providing.
  • Sustainability.
    • Use of sustainable materials
      Supplier shall make all reasonable and intentional efforts to promote, use, demonstrate sustainable manufacturing or service techniques, and the use of sustainable materials in the material and services it provides to Voyant Beauty. Sustainability shall be a priority and all Suppliers must maintain an active sustainability mission with quantative goals or objectives and provide regular updates with access of data to provide proof. Suppliers of Voyant shall take ownership and apply resources to reduce water consumption, energy, and natural resources. Demonstration to understand, gain and maintain industry accepted certifications to practices and/or materials, access of data along with willingness for audits, and actioned results taken will be collected and become an evulation criteria for when the Procurement team is making business award decisions.
  • Compliance.
    • Following and adhering to regulations
      Supplier shall ensure and adhere compliance to all federal, national, state, or local law associated with environmental, human rights, and/or safety of both Voyant’s employees, its own employees, and the general public. It is full expected that all suppliers maintain business ethics standards, and have documented policies, guidelines, flow down requirements of such to their suppliers, and provide information as required in order to fulfill its obligations for compliance based on its location and business operations. Such documented expectations shall include compliance within regulations, sanctions, and official direction issued by but not be limited to; United States government (U.S.) agency restrictions by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally special and specific emphasis to the US Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, generalized human trafficking, slavery, and ongoing US government export sanctions.
  • Participation:
    • Willingness to participate and comply with audits and inquires Supplier shall be willing and open minded to participate in requested audits, inquiries for information, and due diligence as needed to the business relationship and all transactions. This participation may apply to Corporate Social Responsibility Audits, Quality Audits, Financial disclosure with mutual alignment for risk assessments, Performance On-Time and In-Full, and Quarterly Business Reviews. Such participation is subject to contract requirements in cases and based on mutual best interest to ensure a positive working relationship and the Supplier’s ability to provide proof and due diligence demonstrating their actions against documented or agreed upon plans.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    • Expectations of technique and legal matters
      Voyant Supplier Ways of Working are to be considered compliment and in addition to the formal Supplier terms and conditions for which all purchase orders shall be issued and fulfilled. Any dispute or deviation shall only be accepted in writing. No assumptions shall be expressed or implied.

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