The future of beauty packaging is a harmonious blend of sustainability and inclusivity. As consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, they are also seeking inclusivity in all aspects of life. Beauty brands are stepping up to the challenge by placing emphasis on sustainable and inclusive innovation.


Trends that will shape the future of beauty packaging:


Sustainable materials

Brands are exploring sustainable innovations to reduce their ecological footprint. Innovations such as biodegradable materials for packaging, like plant-based plastics and algae derived plastics which decompose naturally and leave behind minimal environmental impact.

For instance, packaging companies have developed a pump made from sugar cane waste; caps made from bio-based materials using recycled and side stream content, a by-products and process waste from manufacturing, to create packaging. Sustainable paper-based packaging is being offered that looks like a bottle. Wood and Cork caps are being sourced from sustainably managed forest and created using renewal energy. The options in sustainable packaging are growing and evolving as new innovative ideas are being developed.


Refillable packaging

The concept of refillable packaging is here now and gaining more traction. Some beauty companies have introduced refill stations in selected stores, allowing customers to replenish their favorite products in reusable containers. Refillable packaging reduces packaging waste but also encourages customers to be aware of their consumption and their habits. Some beauty brands are teaming up with plastic suppliers to create sets of containers for skin care and hair care produced using up to 90% certified renewable polymers.


Minimalistic designs

Sleek, minimalistic designs resonate with consumers seeking simplicity and elegance, which contribute to a more sustainable future.


Decorative sustainability

Sustainable decorative innovations are emerging to meet the aesthetic demands of consumers while minimizing environmental impact. Here we are seeing water-based inks and dyes replacing traditional solvent-based options to reduce the release of harmful chemicals into the environment during the printing process.


As the beauty industry continues to evolve, we are seeing more innovative solutions that prioritize the planet and people. Consumers have options on what brands they prefer to purchase that align with their values, being environmentally mindful. Brands have options as well when developing a new product – from the ingredients in the formula, to how it’s being produced and how it’s being packaged – to be conscious of the planet and consumer.

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