COVID hit us hard in March of 2020. The economy has also taken turns during the last year due to the pandemic. Even today, we are still not going out in public as often, leading us to skip some of our routine skin care and morning makeup routines.

But research has shown that people are still allocating a percentage of their earnings toward certain high-end beauty products. This is called the lipstick effect. It states that even in a crisis, people will still buy small luxury products. People are not going out and making as many large purchases on things like cars and designer clothes, but instead will indulge in something like a high-end beauty product.

These beauty products, however, are mostly skin care products. Makeup sales have been down a bit during the pandemic, but skin care sales have been up. In the times of a pandemic, we are more focused on keeping our skin healthy and less interested in prettying ourselves up. It is a perfect opportunity to take steps on improving the skin we will have on our bodies for the rest of our lives instead of quickly covering it up to go out.

Your pores deserve a break!

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