The beauty industry is expected to top $101 billion by 2027. As the concept of beauty continues to evolve, the industry has been quick to react to the demands of consumers. Personal care companies are using technology and science in innovative ways, all with the hope of winning new customers. And one of those customers is men. The demand for men’s beauty products is a key driver in another beauty trend now and into 2025 – men’s grooming.


Demand for Men’s Beauty Products

TikTok has been a key driver in the beauty trend of male grooming. The hashtag “#mensskincare” has approximately 1.7 million views on TikTok. And the search volume for “men skincare routine” has increased by 857% in the past 5 years. The market is expected to grow to $110 billion by 2030.

In one study, 56% of men reported buying more skincare products today then they did five years ago. Ipsos reports many men are also diving into male cosmetics and makeup. Currently, 15% of US males aged 15-65 use these products and 17% would be willing to try it in the future. According to this report, the main reasons men give for using beauty products are enhancing their general appearance, improving the texture and appearance of their skin, and looking younger.


The chart below shows a large percentage of men have a adopted a daily skincare routine:

There’s increasing demand for gender-specific products like shampoo, soap, deodorants, face masks and peel. Now men are purchasing their own personal care products instead of having a partner or family member do it for them.


Some Men’s Grooming Brands:
  • Harry’s
  • Dr. Squatch
  • Manscaped
  • Bevel
  • Atwater
  • Jackfir
  • Bravo Sierra
  • Scotch Porter
  • Horace
  • Jack Henry
  • Oars + Alps
  • War Paint


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