Aesthetic medicine trends are translating to cosmetics. “Tweakment”, a play on the words “tweak” and “treatment”, refers to non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments. Thanks to the advancements in technology and new ingredient molecules, brands are rapidly innovating new products to meet the demand for natural-looking results.


Pre-procedure: A new segment to watch to prepare the skin for tweakments.

As the demand for quick-fix solutions paired with more measured, long-term beauty rituals continues, brands have tapped into pre-procedure prep cosmetics. This new segment is all about ensuring optimal results, minimizing the risk of complications, and a smooth recovery – all while enhancing the overall results of the procedure.

The new generation of Tweakment style skincare brands are adding pre-procedure care, calling it “Full Tweakment Cycle Cosmetics”. It is one product, pre-treatment, post-treatment and maintenance, formulated with ingredients to reduce irritation, help to even the skin tone, nourish, moisturize and boost skin renewal, while simultaneously providing a barrier on the skin. This ultimately improves the elasticity of the skin with a healthy glow.


Variety of Tweakment Cosmetics

Cosmetics in place of fillers and Botox aka at-home alternatives to injectables are on the rise. These products are dedicated to changing something about yourself whenever you want, without the pain and hassle of going for a procedure. The demand is huge as consumers are seeking cosmetics alternatives to the needle. Here are a few examples:

  • Lip tweakments on the market provide lip plumping and anti-aging of the lips.
  • Brands are also developing products targeting smile lines – claiming to tighten and shrink smiles lines – “tweakment cosmetics” is a nasolabial and marionette line filler.
  • For “perfect” eyes, the new generation of “tweakment cosmetics” is all about immediate and long-term restoration with the latest peptides that work magic by instantly eliminating crow’s feet and droopy eyelids. Powerful peptides work to lift and smooth the skin around the eyes, diminish puffiness, even the skin’s texture, improve discoloration, build collagen, and repair damage – “tweakment cosmetic” is an eye lift.

Needle free tweakments do exist in cosmetics, which provide instant lifting, sculpting, plumping, toning, and tightening. This is only the beginning as new technology and ingredients are being developed, and we can expect tweakment style cosmetic to become even more innovative and imaginative, with endless possibilities to explore. Cosmetic brands of the future must offer tweakment style cosmetics for full facial aesthetic offerings.

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