Want to get ahead of the upcoming beauty trends in 2023? Read on to learn more about all the skincare, hair care, makeup, and nail trends you can expect in the new year! 


Skin care trends 
  • Ceramides and niacinamides will take center stage. 
  • Bakuchiol may become more popular than retinol, its ingredient alternative. 
  • Minimalist skincare routines will be more of the norm – to include multitasking products to tackle multiple concerns in one product. 


Hair care trends 
  • Long layers, shaggy layers – soft foaming mousses and thickening sprays help maintain long layered styles. 
  • Hair colorist – copper is going to be all the rage. 
  • Wet hair is very much in, so toss blow dryers to the side. Think of hair oils and glossing oils to achieve this look. 
  • The side part welcomed back in 2023 – side part gives you volume, and styling creams attain this look. 
  • Hair crimping is here and will stay for 2023. 


  • Brushed-up, gelled brows coming to the forefront; brows are huge in any makeup routine (daytime casual or evening-time full glam). For 2023, expect to see this amplified even more. “Less is more — gone are the days of the pomade brows!”  
  • Tinted sunscreen is your new BFF – more cream products come forward, but less layering and less emphasis on heavy on the skin. 
  • Creamy concealers will be replacing spot correctors – goodbye to your dull, dried out concealers, hello creamy concealers. 
  • More loose powders than pressed powders – it’s a lightweight, multi-use product that is becoming more mainstream – and with the powder puff come back. 
  • Smudged eyeliner – the undone, smudgy look; grunge is back. 
  • Mega-curled chunky lashes, sky-high mascara with full volume. 
  • Bronzer – will move over to the “girl on the go” vibe. The simpler, the better is going to be the bronzer approach. 
  • Stick and cream blushes continue to grow and stay – simplicity and bare minimum for face products will be shining in 2023. 
  • Lip liners and lip balms – “lived-in lip” feathered in lips liners mimicking the tone of your natural lips paired with a moisturizing lip balm. 
  • Clean Beauty brands at the forefront – consumers think clean beauty is always a plus. 


Nail trends 
  • Earthy Dessert inspired colors – olive green and terracotta shades will be seen on people’s nails. 
  • Milky white shades are rising to the top, perfect for the minimalist. 
  • Press-on nails can see a high spike in 2023, though depends on personal style. 


Have fun experimenting with these top 2023 beauty trends you may just uncover your new favorite look!

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