Hair is bigger, wetter, and parted way to the side as shown in spring 2023 runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Read on for five distinct hair trends shown on the runways that anyone can wear. We are going back to early 2000s looks, a new take on bedhead, cool ways to tie your hair up, and the end of the middle part.


1. Wet Hair
    • Can look beachy or punky depending on the styling.
    • Hair is a little damp and shiny, almost greasy looking.
2. Side Part
    • Parted way off to the side and hanging in the face.
    • A trend for both short and long hair, and braids, too, can be parted off to the side.
3. Half-up Style
    • Last seen 20 years ago, wearing your hair partially up away from your face and the rest of your hair down.
4. Tied Up
    • Perfectly imperfect low pigtails – cool ways to tie things up for low ponytails/pigtails and braids, too.
    • Elastics hidden within hair or worn with a claw clip, or threading gold cords within the ponytail.
5. Bedhead
    • Hair look far from perfect and polished seen on the runways.
    • Bedhead is back, and even adding in peek-a-boo braids gives dimension to the unperfect hair look.
    • Hair waves that look like they had been styled three days prior or slept on is trending as well.


Keep in mind these spring 2023 hair trends when shopping for hair styling products to achieve your desired look!

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